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Rich A.


My previous dentist had done some things that let’s just say were questionable and the communication was lacking. I heard great things about Dr. Howard Van and figured I’d get a second opinion. Sure enough, I have some additional work to be done that should not have been put off. Medical opinions always vary, but there were some things that were plainly wrong that my previous dentist suggested or did not suggest.

In any case, Dr. Howard Van is thorough, gentle, kind, and extremely professional. The staff is as well. I only had a consultation at this point but it was the most comfortable and informative consultation I have had at a dental office.

The equipment is state of the art and they do a great job of giving you the whole picture regarding your dental health such as what steps to take next, options, and preventative care. This was something I was lacking as a patient elsewhere. The communication with Dr. Howard Van and his staff is impeccable. And communication is key to a happy, healthy patient. Your concerns are heard and he listens to you. We need more doctors like Dr. Howard Van in the community.

I recommend this doctor to anyone looking for professional dental care. You will not be disappointed! I will update after I complete my additional appointments.


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