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Rob L.


This place is EXCELLENT! Raul, the owner, is simply a cool dude — knowledgeable and down to earth. The shop itself is full of special tools, and mechanical books dating back to the 1980’s — ONLY for subaru.

I believe that specialty is always better than general, so this is a SUBARU only shop, and pepboys couldn’t hold a candle to them. What amazes me more is their pricing — I always check with other shops on quotes, and Rallysport ALWAYS beats the price by about 20% — before I even say anything!

They’re extremely good at what they do, catch things most shops wouldn’t, and always go the extra mile at no extra charge. I can drop in with a question, or something that needs fixing, and if it’s small they just do it for free in 5 minutes. WHO DOES THAT??!!

I’ve been using them for over a year now, and it’s always the same — on-point knowledgable responses, practical atmosphere, and THE BEST Prices. Since they specialize in ONLY subaru, they can do stuff quicker and better than other shops.

I’m glad I found this gem of a shop… exactly what I wanted. When I decide to build out my Subi, these guys are doing the job.

Rock on and keep up the amazing service, guys, you seriously knock my socks off — EVERY TIME.



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